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How To Make A Dress From High School Look Bomb

Very recently, I attended the nuptials ceremony of a friend from grad school; it was a lovely affair, but I knew as soon as I received the "save the date" several months prior, I would not be purchasing something new for the event. Until further notice, I am a fly gal on a budget; now, I'm not a cheap person, but I do understand what it means to live above your means, or stunt, and I'm not about that life. God has been good to me, so there's no reason to "put on," so to speak.

Anyway, for months I had in mind the J. Crew number I was going to wear -- mentally visualized the completed look and everything. But when I went to my closet to locate the dress, I couldn't find it anywhere. Typically, I'm not an irresponsible person and I do not lose clothes, so I have no idea where that dress could be, but it's still bothering me (I've got to find it) and at that point, I had nothing to wear to the wedding! Fast forward to Labor Day weekend, I'm at home in Florida, bored at my parent's house and I start going through my old closet. I stumble across a dress I only wore once -- to my 10th homecoming dance. The thing was still in the dry-cleaning plastic. Out of curiosity, I tried it on...just to see if it fit. Chile. I was a sophomore in 2003 and this dress fit better in 2016 than it did then.

My wedding dilemma was solved! I immediately rushed to show my Mom, who started laughing as soon as she saw me in the dress again; I'm sure to her I still looked like a baby with chicken legs, but to me, I saw an awesome dress, with great beading and a way better appreciation for it in 2016 than in 2003. My Mom actually picked out the dress; she always knows what I like :-). I'm particularly fond of this dress because it's unique and the beading is extremely attractive. You don't have to do much to this one because the unit by itself is fancy. Makeup and accessories should be minimal if the main unit is decadent. 

I threw a simple, light overcoat with it (and a brooch) and was wedding bound! I'm all for making quality clothing investments, but if you can work with what you've got, do that! Style isn't about how much money you've spent on clothes (because I know people that spend a GRIP on their clothing and they still can't dress); it's about the personality that brings the items to life. Have some personality. And a good one at that.


DRESS: Really can't remember, bought in '03 // BROOCH: My Aunt's, who gave it to my Mom // CLUTCH: Forever 21 // SHOES: Akira

Photography: Dub Williams