musings on spirituality

Jesus is the best friend I'll ever have. Here, I share some of my spiritual experiences and why a relationship is so important.

She Needs Her King.

Today was challenging, friends.

I'd rather say the day was challenging, as opposed to saying it was a bad day. I woke up this morning, I have my health and a warm place to sleep at night, which is more than some can say. But my strength was a bit diminished today.

However, the video I watched this morning and the meeting I had following work were a delight! It amazes me when other people see things in you you can't always see in yourself - thank you Lord for bringing the right people into my network!

There's no template for Christian development. Everyone's walk is unique and at some point, God's voice is impossible to ignore - you have to act on whatever it is He's speaking to you about. Life is all about maturity and getting to the next level. When God spoke to The Young Execs CEO and co-founder, Steve Smith, he acted. For him, part of his evolution is coming through his music, hence, a recent spoken-word performance, titled "She Needs Her King."

With the soft vocals of Tova Jade in the background, Steve begins with, this beauty is different, referring to the internal beauty of a woman being more important than her physicality. He goes onto express his disinterest in the typical physical features and being more  interested in her spiritual make-up: that's where I'm tryna fit in...your heart.

...our hearts are intertwined, they become like a tightly knitted vine,

not of two strands, but of three: you, me and He up above,

the many possibilities of love...

she's in need of a king and she looks in the eyes of me and sees He,

and realizes she's in need of a king.

These lines got me thinking about spiritual compatibility in relationships. Sometimes when we're trying to evaluate partners, we might ask, does he/she go to church every Sunday? Does he/she know the Word? Pray? And as wonderful as those tactical things are, they shouldn't be the be-all, end-all, at least not in my opinion. We need to see something in our partners that makes us want to be better people - for them and for ourselves. Maybe Person A doesn't know God as well as Person B. But if Person A sees the God in Person B, then those habits are bound to wear off on them. And all of this is probably going on outside of the church house.

The she is "She Needs Her King" saw  the connection between God and the male-counterpart. He's bringing her to Christ, that's why she needs her king - to continue cultivating the Christian relationship. You see? Recognizing the God-like qualities in someone else has the potential to change your own life.

I've heard so many desperate people say, "I'm looking for my king/queen." 1) One must never look for a mate, what we are to have will be brought to us organically. 2) We must first be in a position to receive the blessing of a king or queen. That offering is one ordained by God and God alone. Ask yourself, does God see fit for me to have this right now? Is He pleased with the life I'm living? Am I doing everything I can to position myself as a King? Queen?

Steve and Dub are really cooking up some quality work and there are some things in the pipeline I can't wait to share with you all. New music, new heights!