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2018 is the year of...


...getting ish together. Point. Blank. Period.

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "oh yea, she and everyone else in the world are talking about new year resolutions blah blah BLAH." Well, yes. I absolutely am. Because until this moment, I have never really done resolutions because I have always had the understanding resolutions were some form of superficial commitments people make when the new year comes and by March, those resolutions are out the door, around the corner and the down the alley.

For some this may be true. But I'm learning that declaring resolutions (or things you passionately want to improve about yourself) are more so about accountability and self-improvement. What better time to do that than the beginning of the year? There are a few things that happened to me in 2017 that were wonderful and there were definitely some valley moments, but you know what my biggest realization was? Wanting to freakin' live on purpose. I decided this year that I didn't want life to just happen to me; I decided I wanted to be intentional about the moves I make in my career, in love and simply who I am as a Black American woman, with the Lord being my light source. But coming to this realization was a process -- it took me a bit of time to learn that you have to live with intention and really take control of your life. One of my biggest fears is living a life riddled with questions and "what ifs." I think the moments where we experience questioning if there is something greater to explore, are moments where God is trying to communicate with us. The question is, do we listen? And if we do, are we acting on what God is trying to reveal?

Several weeks ago, I came across an article on Thought Catalog that summarized what we should have learned from the last two years, according to our sign, and what we should focus on in 2018. I find astrology really interesting and I certainly believe people possess characteristics based on when they are born, so I sometimes read my horoscope (fret not, I'm not deep into the zodiac). I've also been thinking on my goals for 2018 so I was interested in reading about the lessons I should have learned. When I tell you this was spot on?! It was almost scary to read! Check it out below:


You were supposed to learn how to see for yourself. Despite being particularly self-assured and confident – even standoffish at times – you’re almost overwhelmingly swayed by what you think other people think. This was the year to start believing in your power more than your doubt; to start honoring what you feel, not what others believe.

The last sentence really struck a nerve with me. I recall a specific conversation in that year where I was reminded of my power and really needed to get it back; during this time, I became really honest with myself and the things I wanted. Although I didn't necessarily act on what I was feeling, I was at least acknowledging what I knew would truly make me happy.


You were supposed to embrace the feelings you’d been shoving away for so long. This year was all about confronting the emotions that you had been trying to avoid. Of course, it is all with purpose: next year is going to be about your renewal, and so to know what you want, you usually must first identify what you don’t.

This. Right. HERE! I don't like having difficult conversations or even making others feel bad. Who does? And to avoid these moments, I have a tendency to definitely push things far into the back of my mind. But that's only a disservice to myself because I'm not living in my truth. 2017 was definitely a year of cleansing for me; I became real about the things that have been gnawing at me in my family, career and personal relationships. But as the article states, this was not in vain...

Next year is going to be about your renewal, and so to know what you want, you usually must first identify what you don’t.



You’re supposed to start new. With Jupiter touring your sun sign for most of the year, it is your time to build the life of your dreams. The relationships, jobs, challenges and choices you make now will leave you with (positive) repercussions for many, many years to come.

I turn 30 this year and it's time to really start taking my life and future seriously (not to say I haven't until this point). The decisions that are made now will impact me forever and I truly, truly believe God has an abundance in store for me this year. The work must (and will) be done on my part and He will be pleased that I'm being honest with myself. I see progression, growth, joy and happiness waiting on the other side of 2017! I am so thankful to have reached this point of clarity and developed the confidence to really take control of my life. God is good, even when we're not good to Him. Elaine Welteroth shared this Nelson Mandela quote on her IG recently and it's so fitting, "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

I couldn't agree more :)

Believe in your power. Confront your emotions. Start anew.

Happy New Year, y'all!