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Who Doesn't Like Smart & Sexy? In Content, That Is.

You like how I grabbed your attention with that headline, don't cha? Well that's what content has to do, all the time. But how? I'm sure not every case is a success.

The first step in having a successful content marketing strategy is recognizing your target audience. Once you have this information, you can break down into tangible goals what you want to incorporate into the brand's social media plan. This in turn creates the smart portion of your content. To encourage this, we must make sure that the content is accessible from any platform – particularly mobile. Remember: info on-the-go is preferred since typically we're, well, on-the-go.

Now for incorporating the sexy, you've got to speak the target's language. I'm not going to talk to a tech firm the same way I would to a Hip-Hop blogger. If the two parties can't reach each other, then what's the point in communicating? In order to keep a brand hot (meaning, RTs, Facebook likes, post-click activity etc), the content must strive to be cutting edge and never dull, all with the intention of providing increased value.

Below is an infographic featuring 22 ways to create smart, compelling content. There are a few things I can take away from this too...