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Workplace Personalities + How To Deal | Part II

I'm back! I told y'all I had more personalities to convey within the workplace. Hopefully, by now, you've read part I, so let's not waste anymore time...


The teacher in the office always has a lesson, obviously. This could potentially be the know-it-all (refer to part I of this post), but interactions with this individual aren't a complete waste of time. They're usually a bit older than you, wiser, and/or potentially a spouse with children, so they're usually in possession of wisdom they might not even know they have. There's always a story with the teacher; it's as if they just have experiences to share for every situation in life. I think it's safe to say the teacher usually has good intentions with their lessons, but you're not always in the mood for their "gems." The teacher is good people, tho. 

How To Deal: there isn't anything too THREATENING with this one. You might get some unsolicited advice every once in a while, but the teacher isn't much trouble. just be prepared because this one might also be a huge fan of hearing themselves speak; keep that baptist finger ready to excuse yourself when you've had enough.


I'm sorry, but there's a kreep in every office. This can be a man or a woman and their actions (or gestures) can leave you feeling so quite uncomfortable...or amused, depending on what end of the spectrum you're on. Fortunately, I have not had any personal experiences with an individual like this, but I've heard plenty of stories. The kreep is totally inappropriate -- either in actions or language or even both! In an office, you can't just put your hands on people..rubbing shoulders, hugging (a little too long) undressing with the's just too much. Don't be that person and if you can help it, don't be on the receiving end of that person. No pun intended. 

how to deal: Le sigh. Keep a watchful eye. this is sticky because things can quickly go left. If something feels weird or makes you uncomfortable, simply create some distance...


Lol. You may encounter someone in your office who's too holy for words, or at least claims to be. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself a Christian most days of the week, but I'm not detached from most popular culture. I may not walk around quoting scripture all day, but I always have a message. I listen to Gucci and Yield Not To Temptation is one of my favorite hymns; that's all ok. But the Holy roller has the potential to be super annoying -- why? Because they claim they are SO into the Lordt that they have no idea what's going on in the world with the heathens. They can quote a scripture from the Bible faster than you can say "Jesus wept," which is cool, but what's your spirit like? Can you minister to someone without judging them or laughing at their demise? The Holy Roller also tends to act very innocent. Note, I said act. Every saint is a sinner -- none of us are free from that. This one definitely has shady moments and then will turn around and sprinkle you with some Holy water. Chile, please. 

how to deal: Listen and smile. This one comes off so sweet and innocent, but will try to play you if you aren't paying attention. yes, Christians should behave differently, but if you feel judged every time to speak to this person, that's not christ-like. turn around and go the opposite direction. be blessed.


I really don't need to describe this one because we all know what a hater looks and smells like. You know you've encountered someone in the office that's always got something to say -- be it a underhanded compliment or ice cold shade. There's rarely anything genuinely positive shared and you might feel as if you've always got to keep your guard up because you never know when you'll be the target of this one's hate. This one is sometimes funny (or funny-acting), but as Wayne told us on Tha Carter III, don't you ever get too comfortable. The Hater is not your friend; they will disguise themselves as one to get just close enough to keep up (or try to anyway) with what you're doing only to talk sh_t about it behind your back. 

how to deal: As we learned in part 1, in order to survive at work, you've got to be strategic. be nice to the hater -- even engage with them to an extent. just forget your place or theirs. if they want something to talk about, give it to 'em! Especially if you're on top of your stuff.


This individual doesn't want any problems and usually avoids them like the plague. They are easy to like, fun to kick it with, witty and probably has a healthy life/project outside of their 9-5 that they're deeply committed to. This one's got a lot of creativity and probably doesn't take anything (or themselves) too seriously. They're just kool! 

how to deal: This is a good person to befriend/get to know. grab drinks after work one day and get to know them. they probably have a solid network and you never know how you guys could help each other out.