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8 Reasons To Vote On November 8

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny and in this judgment there is no partiality.” --Bob Marley

Le Sigh. It seems obvious as to why every single able-bodied American citizen should go out and vote on November 8, but in case you need a bit more motivation, here are at least 8 reasons why you should exercise your right. As people of color in America, our rights our violated on a daily. And although we continue to fight every day for our rights, this is one that can't be taken away. Do your part to make a difference. Otherwise, shut up complaining:

People have died for you to even have the option to choose your leaders.

Y'all know it wasn't THAT long ago that women got the right to vote, right? And people of color (PoC)? Oh, please. Don't take this opportunity for granted -- we're living in a time when our grandparents were potentially prohibited from casting a ballot simply because they weren't White and wealthy. Don't be disrespectful.

Voting is your voice.

Have you ever been in a room full of people that are all talking at once and you're trying to get your point across, but no one is listening? Well that's what not voting is like; the blank ballot is your shouting voice, but no one can hear you because you didn't make your voice heard. Stand up. Speak up. Otherwise, your rants with your friends are pointless and voiceless. 

A man will greet you by grabbing your genitals.

I'm obviously exaggerating here (am I?), but by not voting, you're helping someone, a man, think it's OK to do the above. Do you want someone like that making decisions that impact your life? You family? Me neither.

Our ancestors may have died for it, but God gave us the right to vote.

My Dad reminded us of this via Facebook recently: Follow Jesus, liberator of the oppressed. We may not be crazy about the presidential candidates this time around, but the prayer is that the Lord uses the best candidate to bring forth good news to the poor/oppressed (Luke 4:18-19). 

Higher voter turnouts are more representative of our democracy.

It's unfortunate that many of the policies developed by Congress for the American people do not have the representative vote of all the American public. Why? Because Black/Brown people, low-income folks and young people fail to turn out to vote the way they need to, especially during midterm elections.  According to the HuffPo, nearly 80 percent of people with yearly incomes of $75,000 or higher voted in the 2012 election, compared to just 60 percent of those earning less than $50,000 a year. By age, voter participation of older Americans eclipses that of those under 30. Don't be that person.

Money, baby.  

Selection of your local representatives determines how your tax dollars are used for local resources and a variety of public services. The person you put in office should be the one you think will use your money most effectively. I don't like wasting money and I want to know exactly how my money will be utilized. 

Voting is tied to your occupational prosperity + wealth.

Minimum wage, equal pay, health insurance, a woman's right to choose what to do with HER body, fair employment...all of these issues impact you in one way or the other, which ultimately impacts your pockets. Someone tried to make the argument to me recently that it was impossible for women to make as much as men in the workplace, because if a women expects a man to be the breadwinner in a household, they have to make more money than the woman. There are so many factors that make that statement nonsensical, but I won't get into that now. My point is to be an INFORMED voter and choose the candidate who will best address your needs and your funds.

If you don't  vote, Trump will win.

Does that thought infuriate you? Good, it should. Get to the polls.

GO VOTE!!!!!!!!