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Five Ways To Get That Kevin Hart + Beyonce Work Ethic

There are very few things that bring me greater satisfaction than seeing and knowing the hard work put into a task and watching the results just flourish; it's nearly euphoric for me. As I continue to grow my platform, I think often about what I can do improve my site's performance, what sort of content do I need to push more and overall, how can I just be great? 

These things don't just magically happen overnight or fall out of the atmosphere; I know it takes work to build the sort of work ethic I want. Currently, if I were to rate my work ethic, I'd say it's solid. And at this point in my career, I'd say there are others (who I know professionally) who can echo the same sentiment. But for where I want to go, I know I'm going to have to make some improvements. Below are 7 tips you (and I) need to consider if we're serious about a solid work ethic. I'm 'bout it, are you?

1) Study folks who's work ethic you already admire.

Here's my short list and the reason why:

  • Kevin Hart. Since 2002, Kevin Darnell Hart has appeared in 38 box office movies, 23 television series, earned 23 awards nominations, collaborated with Nike for his own shoe, got married had two kids; got divorced and re-married and still manages to Snapchat nearly everyday. Now, whether you think he's funny or not is irrelevant. The man works. A lot. He's got many a job and that only comes from knowing what he wants. I follow him on Instagram and on many of his posts, he includes the hashtag: #ComedicRockstarSh-t. When you know the level of greatness you want, you do what you gotta do.

  • Beyonce.  C'mon. We really don't need to explain much here; over the years, it's become so obvious this woman works hard, it's undeniable. This year, she launched her althleisure line,  Ivy Park, dead in the middle of her world tour! How one manages to do that, I am not sure, but it can be done! The visuals behind Lemonade were so captivating; you could just observe all of the hard work and detail that went into creating that project. Bey stays low, does the work, but humbly brags when she needs to. I see it and I like it. Do the work, but let 'em know. 
  • DJ Khaled. In the latest Circo Mango (I think?) commercial, we learn a little about Khaled's hustle and how long he's been in the industry. Sure he's gotten some general market "fan love" NOW because he's an expert Snapchatter, but Khaled has been producing and spinning for what, over 20 years? What I see in Khaled is diligence. He smart. He loyal. He's a great self-marketer who's stayed the course.
  • Luvvie. I'd be remiss if I didn't include another writer in the mix. I have a "wow" moment every time the self-proclaimed side-eye sorceress posts another one of her accolades on the 'gram. Speaking at the Google offices. Meeting Shonda Rhimes (the queen supreme storyteller). Writing a book, based off her blog posts, that become a NY Times Bestseller! It amazes me and reinforces the fact that living your dreams can become a reality. Luvvie actually did a meet-and-greet at my job I think last year and I remember her saying the blogging life hasn't always been so sweet for her. She's been doing this for over 10 years and in the beginning it was rough; moral: pay the dues. Your time will come. Also, her shoe game is fleeky.
  • Keke Palmer. I'm a huge fan of people that are able to juggle multiple projects. I'm not the greatest multi-tasker, so I really try to study people who do it well -- Keke does. She has a regular role on a FOX series, manages a blog and drops dance videos when she feels so inclined. Not to mention she finds time to host and post comedic skits on social media. She's versatile and diligent.

2) Be responsible + create good habits.

It's impossible to believe your dreams will become reality if you're stuck doing the same 'ol things. It's one thing to SAY what you're going to do and it's another to actually do it. Example, I didn't talk a lot about getting kikospeaks back off the ground. When I was serious about getting it going again, I started praying about it, then planning followed immediately. I had to change my mindset if I really wanted to change my life -- and this is still a process. Sometimes, I say no to kickin' with colleagues/friends because I know I have blog work to do. Or if I didn't have time the previous weekend, that means I have to do some things in the evening, after I leave my 9-5. Ask yourself, is this happy hour/event going to help me reach my goals? In order to create better habits and take ownership of the life you want, you gotta say "no" with no explanation.

3) Establish a clear purpose.

Recently, I did an intimacy exercise (I figured it was legit since the NY Time wrote about it twice): 36 Questions To Bring You Closer Together, and one of the questions was, do you want to be famous? How? And as I thought about my response, I was reminded of something that was shared with me a few weeks ago; I was told if I really wanted to "get on," I would have to start doing more videos. When I asked why, the response was something to the effect: you're attractive and intelligent, but people don't want to read. They just want to watch sh-t.

I wasn't sure if I was to be offended or flattered lol, by that tip. I agree I need to do more video content, but I'm taking my time.  Point is, establish what it is you're striving for and don't be strayed by pointless advice -- or advice that takes you in direction you don't wish to be in. Also, be careful of people that try to tell you, "do it later" all the time. No, if you have a schedule, stick to it please. Don't let folks who are just floating through life try to tell you how to prioritize your goals. That's hella annoying to me.

4) Chat w/ God. Often.

Listen. The road to living your best life will not be easy. You're going to need guidance and motivation from a source that isn't human (because we're flawed). If you want a better work ethic, you've also got to loop the Lord in; no one knows us better than the H.S. and that's just about the only way you're going to see any serious changes in your life.

5) Build a team you trust.

You don't have to be a superstar like Beyonce to have a strong team -- once you have established your purpose, you need people around you that will believe in your brand/product just as much as you do, if not more. As you grow in your space, you're not going to be able to do everything yourself. I know I'm going to have to build my team at some point, but for right now, it's me and my creative partners. You've got to have folks on your side that will give you the feedback you need to grow/expand. It take a village.

What other tips would you offer to build up work ethic? Ya know, the right ethic will lead you into a life of happiness and successful. Check out what I had to say about the latter.