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Who is Kiko?


Hey y’all! Welcome to kikospeaks. I’m glad you’re here. Truly.

I’m kiko and my presence here is dedicated to the collision of my personal and professional worlds. Long before I acquired any degrees, I was writing. It probably hit me sometime around 1996 when I started writing short stories on Sundays during the church sermon. I have many skills, but writing is where my heart is; my door opener; my outlet.

Having an interest in people’s behavior, I received my Bachelor’s in psychology from THE Florida A&M University and a Master’s in Journalism from DePaul University shortly thereafter. Currently, I am a Chicago-based social media manager for an international, multi million dollar QSR (quick service restaurant); I am ever thankful for the doors the Lord continues to open for me and I want to continue being blessed, so it’s important for me to pursue my dreams relentlessly and hopefully inspire someone else to do the same.

kikospeaks began as an assignment for one of my classes in grad school, circa 2012. I continued blogging for a couple years and then suddenly went dormant. Why? That doesn’t really matter right now. I’m back and totally dedicated to sharing with my thoughts on life, pop culture, personal style, spirituality, digital/social media and anything else I have a perspective on.

Witty intelligence is what you’ll find here (as well as unashamed blackness and maybe a lil’ dry humor). Hopefully you’ll find a reason to stay awhile and come back, time and time again.